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We are engaged in various activities through indigo dyeing.

Selvedge Work+i mainly engages in the following activities
・Selling indigo dyed products     
・Making paintings using indigo-dyed fabrics as canvas  
・Accepting orders for indigo dyeing from customers  
・Providing customers with the opportunity to dye their own fabrics with natural indigo dye.       
・Cultivation of indigo for making SUKUMO at local area Shonan


products on sale

SVW aims to create products that do not burden the environment. We carefully hand-dye each of our products using eco-friendly organic materials, products with a comfortable natural texture, and original items that are finished by hand from pattern to sewing. We sell simple yet stylish items online at our store page to make indigo dyeing a familiar part of your daily life.

Indigo dyed Art Work

We create silk-screened paintings on canvas using indigo-dyed fabrics. Please visit our gallery page to view past exhibits. Some of our works are also available for sale online at our store page.




If you have any fabrics or yarns you would like to dye, we will dye them as close to your favorite indigo color as possible. Please feel free to contact us for more information.

Our studio is open to the public as a place where you can try your hand at indigo dyeing. If you would like to try it for the first time, or if you have materials, clothing, fabrics, etc. that you would like to bring in to be dyed, please come and join us. We also plan to hold workshops on an irregular basis.

For details, please visit the workshop page.




The sukumo used in our workshop is produced by an indigo farmer (aishi) in Tokushima Prefecture. The indigo is made from the finest quality sukumo, which has been condensed by the skillful techniques of a master craftsman.

On the other hand, we are trying our hand at making sukumo, a dye made from indigo grown locally in the Shonan area where we have our base of operations. It is a small one that is just getting started, as the facilities are not yet in place, but we are working in a field in Shobuzawa, Fujisawa City (about 30 minutes by car from Tsujido Station).

Come join us to experience indigo farming throughout the year, including soil preparation, planting seeds and seedlings in spring, harvesting, reaping, leaf crushing, and drying in summer and fall, and fermentation and bedding in winter. In addition to indigo dyeing in the summer, you can also dye fresh leaves with us!

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