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​ShonanNatural indigo dyeing studio

Selvedge Work+i is an indigo dyeing studio that focuses on natural indigo dyeing using only natural products.

The earth on which we live is full of beautiful "blues" such as the sea, sky, water, and glaciers. Indigo dyeing is also a natural dyeing method in which the leaves of the plant "indigo" are transformed into a beautiful blue through the action of microorganisms to  fermentation. The deepening blue of indigo dye still fascinates people today.

During the Edo period (1603-1867), when indigo was most popular, a very rich variety of indigo colors were given detailed names (some of them are shown in the figure below). (The figure below shows some of them.)

We hope to pursue natural indigo dyeing, which has been loved for a long time, and to share the beautiful indigo color with as many people as possible.

​ Various indigo names


​What's New

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