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​Natural Indigo Dying

We do not use any chemicals at all, but instead use dye made of fermented indigo leaves, mixed with natural ingredients such as dye made of fermented dye leaves, lye, lime, and wheat husks, and then repeatedly stirred for about a week to further ferment the dye solution. The indigo dye is produced by "natural lye fermentation construction". 

The beauty of natural indigo is not only its beautiful color. Indigo has been used in people's daily lives since ancient times as a medicinal herb with many beneficial effects. Fabrics dyed with natural indigo not only become more robust and durable due to the indigo's adhesion to the fabric, but they also have a variety of effects such as a sunshade to protect the wearer from outside temperatures, a warming effect, a hemostatic and antibacterial effect to prevent festering wounds and rough skin, an insect repellent and deodorant effect, and so on. In recent years, the use of indigo-dyed clothes has been spreading. In recent years, the extract from indigo has been studied as an antiviral that is useful in preventing influenza.


indigo leaves

​About the origin of the name

The Our store name, Selvedgework, comes from selvedge denim, a denim fabric woven on an old-style power loom with frayed edges, commonly known as red-ear. The "i" was added to the trade name so that we can handle craftsmen's meticulous work with time and care, just like when weaving selvage denim, and with a thought for indigo.

Selvedge Work (abbreviated SVW) aims to create products that do not burden the environment. We carefully dye each item, including organic materials that are friendly to the natural environment, products with a comfortable natural texture, and original items that are finished by hand from pattern to sewing.


dried indigo leaves


``Sukumo'' made by fermenting dried leaves


Mix various things with sukumo

moreoverFermented indigo dye liquid

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