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100% organic cotton (organic cotton 100%)

natural indigo dyed T

size: S

Shirt length(cm) :65cm 

Width chest:48cm

shoulder width shoulder:43cm

sleeve length sleeve:18cm

Organic cotton T - Light Dark (S)

  • For the first 1-2 washes, we recommend gently washing with lukewarm water containing an appropriate amount of neutral detergent.

    Please use detergents that do not contain fluorescent brighteners or bleaches as much as possible. A brownish-yellow pigment may come out during washing, but this is a unique ingredient of indigo dyeing, and the harshness will disappear with repeated washings, and the color will become more vivid.

    As much as possible after dyeing, we have applied a natural color-stopping process to remove the harshness, but the color may fade slightly or transfer due to intense rubbing during use.

    Store away from UV rays such as sunlight.

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